What do &thankyou &endchat do when added to a URL?

The &thankyou variable when added to a URL will disable the thankyou page being shown after a lead capture with no agent present.

Use Case: If you would like to display a long message at the end of the lead capture this allows you to do that. (message is in the 100% LCT Message)


The &endchat variable when added to the end of the URL will close any existing chat sessions in the browser and open a new session for the campaign URL it is added on. Users take advantage of this feature on desktop PCs when they have returning customers and want to link out directly to another campaign or the SMS Chat Invite for the same same campaign.

Use Case: If you want to just chat with returning customers you can add a link to introduction message that contains a link to the same campaign but with &endchat at the end. It will open a new chat session and take the customer right to the SMS Chat Invite for that campaign.

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