How do I setup a pixel inside of my campaign?

To setup your pixel,


  1. visit the EDIT page for the specific campaign you would like to setup a pixel for.
  2. Then scroll down to bottom and click EDIT next to Campaign Pixel. (You can use postback or javascript pixels for your pixel.)
  3. Paste the pixel in the box and select the lead capture question you would like the pixel to fire after and click save (By default, it will fire after the last question. If you delete the question for the lead capture it will then fire after the last question.)


Passing Variables into Pixels

For some pixels you may required to pass a HITID or some type of clickID from the page into the chat so the conversion can properly track. MobiChat is now setup to handle this properly. Simply add &[fieldname]=[value] to the end of your chat URL. You will need to populate the value when you chat is clicked on your page. You can use anytihng for the word pixel. Below is an example:[value]


Now go back to your pixel and replace the click ID or whatever the value is with {{pixel}}. Thats it your pixel should fire and you should be ready to go.


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